Business Applications

Whatever your business needs, Ignite Africa provides integrated e-business solutions to help you, and the people who work for you, maximize efficiency. Our Business products and services make it easier for your team to do business with your customers, vendors, and partners. Our solutions are web based and can either run on cloud or on your local intranet network.


As a result of our Strategic partnerships with some of the leading software companies in the industry, we are able to provide and support the following systems:

  1. Integrated E-School Management Systems (SMS)
  2. Clinic / Hospital Management Systems (CMIS)
  3. Sacco / Microfinance Management System (MMS)
  4. Document Management Systems (DMS)
  5. Enterprise Resource planning (ERP).
  6. Integrated Point of Sale Systems (PO)
  7. Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)
  8. Payroll Systems (PS)
  9. Real Estate management Systems (REMS)
  10. Church Management Information Systems (CMIS)
  11. Hotel Management Information Systems (HMIS)


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